Photography is a tool which lets me explore the sensuality of image and texture in conjunction with strong graphic elements. I am interested in color and pattern, repetition and detail, reflection and rhythm. While I often feel strongly about the emotional or intellectual relationships of the images in a piece, others may view that same work in a different light. I want the final result to be an independent entity that can be transformed and absorbed by the viewer without explanation of the source material – although I certainly realize that content is one element that can draw a viewer to a piece.

For me, a successful piece must work at multiple levels: from a distance you see a work that has impact and coherence. The midrange shows the piece as primarily intended, and the close-up provides fascinating detail. Photography is a powerful tool to achieve this goal.

Each work is based on several photographs, but contains multiple pieces of those photographs – ranging from just a few to several hundred individual pieces. While all the work is done digitally, my objective is a print on paper. I do the printing myself, using a Canon IPF-8400 wide format printer, archival pigment ink and fine art paper. This end product print is what it is all about. The images on this web site cannot  replicate the detail or the texture of the real print, and strong colors –particularly saturated colors – do not translate well to the web format. The web gallery is useful, but hard copy is the real thing.

In other aspects of life, I have been an editor and a political organizer. Born in San Antonio, Texas, I grew up in Wisconsin and then moved to the East Coast where I earned a master’s degree at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. After working as an editor in Washington D.C., I spent seven years building and managing a pro-choice political group in West Virginia. Now in Sarasota, Florida, I am involved as a neighborhood advocate and in local political issues.